CAIMS•SCMAI Research Prize

The society's preeminent research award recognizes innovative and exceptional research contributions in applied or industrial mathematics.

This prize was established in 2003. The award will consist of a prize of $1,000 and a commemorative plaque that will be presented at the CAIMS*SCMAI Annual Meeting. The recipient will be invited to give a plenary lecture at the Annual Meeting in the year of the award. A travel allowance will be provided.

Nominations will be evaluated annually by a panel of judges appointed by the President of the Society; their decisions will be final. The judges will select the winner using criteria based on excellent research contributions in applied or industrial mathematics. The panel of judges may seek advice from other experts.

Nominations shall consist of:

  • a title for the nomination designating research contributions in a specific area,
  • a summary of the contributions in the form of a five-line press release,
  • a detailed description (no longer than two pages) of the research contributions of the nominee in the specified area,
  • a curriculum vitae including the list of publications, four reprints.

To submit an application for this prize, go to Nominations

2016 Prize Winner: Leah Edelstein Keshet

Professor Leah Edelstein-Keshet is a world leader in the application of mathematical methods and analyses to biological problems. She has written highly original and impactful papers on the characterization of collective spatial organization of biological organisms and of cytoskeletal dynamics and cell motility. One key feature of her work is the development of novel mathematical models and sophisticated mathematical and computational analyses of biological phenomena on all scales, ranging from molecular to cellular to populations. Her modeling and analysis makes insightful predictions, and she collaborates with experimentalists to test these predictions in order to refine the models. She has been one of the globally recognized pioneers of this highly interdiscipinary and relevant approach to the modeling and study of biological processes. She has also developed novel mathematical models for important human diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimers disease, and cancer.

Past CAIMS•SCMAI Research Prize Winners

Prize Award year Recipient
2015 Thomas Hillen
2014 Michael Doebeli
2013 Neil Balmforth
2012 Troy Day
2011 Michael Ward
2010 Uri Ascher
2009 Mark Lewis
2008 J. Alan George
2007 Gordon Swaters
2006 Michael Mackey
2005 Michel Fortin
2004 Bob Russell
2003 Jianhong Wu