Nerenberg Lecture: It IS Rocket Science (Steve MacLean)

Probably everyone connected with mathematics knows that revealing your con- nection leads to reactions like: “Eeew, mathematics; I was never any good at that in school.” It’s like announcing that you have some communicable disease. Com- plementary to this is the expression, “well, it’s not rocket science,” meaning that you, dummy, should be able to understand it, because it is not beyond you like, um, mathematics is.

NSERC Long Range Plan for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

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The NSERC Long Range Plan for Mathematics and Statistics Research will be presented at the CAIMS Board Meeting and AGM, on June 24 and 27. At the request of NSERC, the Canadian mathematics and statistics communities will engage in a long range planning exercise to develop a long-range plan (LRP) will allow the communities to identify areas of strength and establish a unified vision of priorities and directions for mathematics and statistics research in Canada.

CAIMS 2012


The CAIMS 2012 meeting will be held at the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, June 24-28th, 2012. We are grateful to the Fields Institute for their support of this conference. Please see the CAIMS 2012 Official Website for more details including information on registration. The meeting will feature the following themes...

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