CAIMS Prize Award

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For significant successful combination of singular perturbation techniques and numerical methods to analyze boundary-value problems arising in a wide range of applied fields.

Michael Ward has made significant research contributions to a number of areas in applied mathematics. He has been successful in combining asymptotic and singular perturbation techniques with numerical methods in order to analyze nonlinear boundary-value problems for ordinary and partial differential equations arising in various applied fields that include combustion theory, semiconductor device modeling, diffusion in biophysical problems, nonlinear eigenvalue problems of MEMS, biological and chemical pattern formation. His mark on applied mathematics is embodied in a large number of high quality journal publications that have been the cornerstone in our understanding of nonlinear phenomena in physical and biological systems.

Prof. Ward obtained his Ph.D. from Caltech in 1988. He was an Assistant Professor at Stanford University from 1988 to 1991, and a Visitng Member of the Courant Institute before joining the Mathematics Department at UBC in 1992, where he is now Full Professor. His numerous Honors and Fellowships include the Andr-Aisenstadt prize from the CRM, the Coxeter-James Prize from the CMS and a Steacie Fellowship from NSERC.