CAIMS Prize Award

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Prof. Wetton's research activity in industrial mathematics, particularly in the area of fuel cells, was singled out for this honor for numerous reasons. The efforts by Prof. Wetton and his group have successfully demonstrated the direct applicability of advanced mathematics in real world problems. At a critical time, Prof. Wetton responded directly to the real needs of industry and the Canadian mathematics community.  He refocused his research from numerical analysis and scientific computing to industrial mathematics, specifically the modeling of fuel cells, early in his career, when he was a young untenured faculty member. It took a lot of courage and conviction to make such risky move. The modeling work he and his MITACS research team performed was not an academic exercise. Rather, it was a direct response to the needs of a new industry.

He successfully managed a research team with members from industrial partners and different academic institutions. He has a distinguished record of mentoring and supervision, and his students have embarked on successful careers in industrial mathematics. He has been an active member of both the CAIMS and MITACS communities, and unstinting with his time and energy to help both.

By spearheading a successful collaborative effort between a team of academic researchers and their industrial partner Prof. Wetton has served as a role model to Canadian mathematicians. By awarding him the prize, the committee believes more young and talented applied mathematicians will be encouraged to work in the area of industrial mathematics.